The Best New and Upcoming Thrillers

June 14th, 2019The Best New and Upcoming Thrillers

When you want to have a great night at the movies with someone special, there’s nothing like a surprising thriller to bring you together. A wide variety of tense and startling stories about the darker sides of human behavior are coming to AMC in the coming months.

From a framed but loyal servant, to a disgraced cop and a too-curious doctor, here are the best new and upcoming thrillers you won’t want to miss.

Angel Has Fallen

[Credit: Lionsgate]

Gerard Butler returns to the role of dogged Secret Service agent Mike Banning in this sequel to OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and LONDON HAS FALLEN. When Banning is framed for an assassination attempt on the U.S. president, he has to stay one step ahead of both the FBI and his own agency as he seeks out unlikely allies — all while trying to figure out who is actually targeting the leader of the free world. (August 23)

21 Bridges

[Credit: STXfilms]

Chadwick “Black Panther” Boseman stars as Andre Davis, a second-generation NYPD detective who has some professional problems. But those take a back seat to a very immediate concern: Two young cop killers are on the run, trying to escape the city. Davis’ solution is extreme, as he seeks to close down the entire island of Manhattan. But as one long night unfolds, he begins to have some deep questions about who he’s hunting and why. (September 27)

The Woman in the Window

[Credit: Focus Features]

The novel “The Woman in the Window” was first a best-seller, and then it became just part of the larger story of author Dan Mallory, who wrote the book as “A. J. Finn” and was accused of lying about significant portions of his own life story — all of which makes a strange sort of sense for a novel about an agoraphobic child psychologist who witnesses a crime in progress while peeping on her neighbors. She thinks there’s a crime, at least, and the unraveling truth of what the woman really saw is the hook of this movie version of the popular page-turner. Amy Adams (above, in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS) plays the title role, and Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Brian Tyree Henry, Anthony Mackie and Wyatt Russell all co-star. (October 4)

The Rhythm Section

[Credit: Lionsgate]

THE RHYTHM SECTION adapts the first in a series of hit spy novels by Mark Burnell and casts Blake Lively (above, in A SIMPLE FAVOR) as Stephanie Patrick, who becomes an assassin — or at least plays that role — in order to uncover the truth about a plane crash that killed her family and might have been meant to kill her. Frankly, we’re curious about why “assassin” is the right approach to take, but it’s certainly a lot more sexy than assuming the identity of a Federal Aviation Administration clerk. EON, the same company behind the James Bond movies, made this sleek and sneaky story, so we might have a new franchise to obsess over. Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Daniel Mays and Raza Jaffrey co-star. (November 22)

Knives Out

[Credit: Sony Pictures/MGM]

Speaking of James Bond, 007 himself, Daniel Craig, steps into a different role in this twisty riff on Agatha Christie novels. Rian Johnson (THE LAST JEDI) writes and directs the story of two detectives, played by Craig and Lakeith Stanfield, who are set to investigate the death of an old man at his family mansion. The entire family of the deceased was gathered together to celebrate his birthday, and before the investigation is done, every one of the bitter and sharp-tongued clan will be a suspect — if they’re not killed off themselves. With a cast that features Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Christopher Plummer and Ana de Armas, KNIVES OUT could be a new fall classic. (November 27)

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